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Restaurant le Mariage


If it may be something more

New and exclusive

In our restaurant le Mariage, you can enjoy a little more seasonally from October to March.

More courses, seven in fact. More exclusivity, because Restaurant le Mariage only seats twenty. More enjoyment, because chef Sebastian Lorenz has outdone himself in his menu composition there. More time, you can expect three hours of enjoyment.

You can choose between the menu with wine accompaniment or including water and coffee.

Our cuisine is like us ... diverse, creative and unconventional.

Chef Sebastian Lorenz says of his cuisine:

"We bring together classic cuisine as we learned it with new, fresh elements. We pay a lot of attention to the origin, quality and sustainability of the food we use.

Our dishes are reduced to the essentials, harmoniously coordinated and yet extraordinary and surprising.

Enjoy a culinary journey around the world in a unique ambience".


Passion and warmth

Eleni Pavlakoudis is in charge of the restaurant at Le Mariage.

With enthusiasm for the location, she looks after our guests and celebrates every course with the necessary know-how.

With her passion for fine cuisine and the ambience of the villa, she accompanies our guests through an evening with seven courses and suitable wine accompaniment.

With her warmth, she will make your special gourmet evening an unforgettable experience.

In our newly designed villa opposite the hotel, the Restaurant le Mariage meets your expectations for a special evening.

The selected furnishings of the rooms, the special decoration and the bar adjacent to the restaurant complete your gourmet enjoyment.

Your special evening at Restaurant le Mariage requires prior booking. Telephone 03946 9618-0 and 03946 9618-290. We look forward to pampering you there a little more.

Opening hours 

Our gourmet restaurant le Mariage is located opposite the hotel. We are open for you from October to March.

Friday and Saturday you arrive between 6.00 p.m. and 6.30 p.m., we only serve a menu in 7 courses at € 169.00 per person. Our menus change every two months.

Your special evening at Restaurant le Mariage requires prior registration.

When booking, please indicate the reason for your booking as well as any intolerances.


Our wines from the most diverse regions and countries

Table reservation

We are very pleased about your wish to make a reservation with us. Take a seat in the restaurant Weinstube or in the gourmet restaurant Le Mariage.

Restaurant Weinstube: dine from Monday to Sunday, Firday and Saturday you can make a reservation 5.30pm or 8pm (for 2 hours each). From June to August, book Wednesdays exclusively for our barbecue.
NEW: Gourmet restaurant Le Mariage: From October to March you can arrive Friday to Saturday between 6.00 pm and 6.30 pm, we serve exclusively a menu in 7 courses at 169,00 € per person. Our menus chance every two months. Please indicate your reason for booking as well as any intolerances when booking.

You can find the current requirement for your visit here.

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